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30 free add-ons and assets to enhance your blender workflow

What's an ADD-ON ?

It's like a bonus tool or feature you can attach to the main Blender 3D program. 

These add-ons are made by talented people and can do things like create special effects, make 3D model easier or even change how Blender 3D works.

Some are already built into Blender and just need to be enabled and some are downloadable.

What's an ASSET ?

It's a ready-made piece you can use in your 3D creations.

These assets can be 3D objects, materials, textures, lightning, setups, animations or even scenes that you've created or downloaded. 

They make 3D work more efficient and help maintain consistency in your projects.

Who's this for ?

This guide is for whoever wants to enhance their workflow. 

Beginner or advanced, you'll find plenty of information to take your creation process to the next level !

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